What I Have Been Up To

Thanks for taking the time to check out what I have been up to lately.

I hope that my voice fits your roster’s needs and that we can work together soon!

Played DEADPOOL in Marvel Snap

Dubbed my first anime (still unreleased; NDA)

Currently the English ADR voice of Sebastian Osorio in Pasión De Gavilanes and *NDA* (Respectively through Universal Cinergia and *NDA* in Miami, FL) upon request from NBC

Regular, ongoing work with ADR studios: Universal Cinergia, En Boga Today, The Kitchen, Cherry Ford, etc.

…some of which have given me free reign to dub independently by providing video assets and scripts to self-direct, record, and deliver raw audio files to them by set deadlines.

Commercial demo refresh by J. Michael Collins

A “teen / young adult” demo to niche myself a bit (since I’m booking more of these through my regional agents). Booking things like …

Teen health awareness ads, SEL cuurriculum for kids, Video games requiring younger sounding voices, and more!

Continued work for Netflix’s official YouTube Channels

Purchased a StudioBricks One Plus VO Edition to optimize remote recording quality

Continually earned more income from VO than the previous year for the last three years


You may also send email to alex@alexmittsvo.com