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Netflix: Every Film Reference In The Woman In The Window

Netflix: Is Things Heard & Seen A True Story?

Netflix: The Bad Guy You Love To Hate

Netflix: Antonio Campos

Netflix: We lied to you about Away

Netflix: What Makes Al Pacino An Amazing Actor?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

DeVry: Power Your Future

CSUB: Tips for Successful Virtual Learning

Centennial State Prosperity (Narrator)

YouTube - "Margins"

Granville Homes - June 2021 Commercial

YouTube - "Best Life"

Character Credits

Mobile Game

Mobile Legends Adventure - Akashic

Mobile Game

Mobile Legends Magic Chess - Bersi, The Death's Maw

Motion Comic

SongByrd - Oliver

Mobile Game

MindLabs: Energy and Circuits - Atom


Golden Dreg Boy: The Underground (Book 2)

Stage Credits

All performances done at The Empty Space unless otherwise specified.

The Little Shop of HorrorsSeymour (2015)

CabaretCliff Bradshaw (2016)

Rock of AgesDrew Boley (2016)

UrinetownBobby Strong (2017)

Assassins – The Balladeer / Oswald (2018)

The Last Five YearsJamie (2019)

The Wedding Singer – Robbie Hart (2019)


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