Are you seeking a captivating voice that transforms your long-form content into an immersive audio experience? Be it an extensive guide on YouTube or a riveting audio book, I bring depth, nuance, and flair to long-form narration.

Listen to my samples and you’ll hear an instinctive ability to pace and color the narration to keep your audience engrossed.

8 Things You Definitely Didn’t Know About Lizards​

Kaleidoscope: Timeline & Ending Explained | Netflix​

Watch This Before Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 | Netflix

The Umbrella Academy: Everything We Can Tell You About Season 3 | Netflix​

Never Have I Ever: Everything We Can Tell You About Season 3 | Netflix​

Netflix: The Rise and Fall of Ruth Langmore​

Ozark: Everything We Can Tell You About Season 4 Part 1 | Netflix​

Netflix: Pick Your Player: Who’s The BEST Squid Game Contestant?​

Netflix: What Is A Hybrid? | Sweet Tooth Explained​

Netflix: Every Film Reference In The Woman In The Window​

Netflix: Is Things Heard & Seen A True Story?​

Netflix: The Bad Guy You Love To Hate​

Netflix: We lied to you about Away​

Netflix: Antonio Campos​

Netflix: What Makes Al Pacino An Amazing Actor?​

Why Batman is so COOL?​

Audiobook +

Ditch Your Cubicle Not Your Life

Best Buy Health Connected Care (PodCast) ​

What We Build with Power: The Fight for Economic Justice in Tech​

Golden Dreg Boy: Under the Bridge (Book 5)​

Golden Dreg Boy: The Premier (Book 4)​

Golden Dreg Boy: The Hills (Book 3)​

Golden Dreg Boy: The Underground (Book 2)​

My voice is friendly and relatable, and it can engage listeners over extended periods. I can deliver your narrative to your target audience and take your hard work to new heights.

Effective narration is not just about reading scripts—it’s about investing in each word and curating a journey for the listener.