1. Introduction

Client: Jennifer, a renowned choreographer specializing in kids’ dance competitions.
Challenge: Jennifer needed to edit songs for her dance routines, cutting specific parts and recombining them to fit a certain length, all while ensuring a natural blend.

2. Objective

Goal: To edit the provided song by removing the male singing parts and recombining the existing parts to create a smooth and natural flow.
Expectation: Jennifer aimed to have a song that met her specific needs without abrupt tempo jumps that could disrupt her dancers’ performance.

3. Solution

Approach: I extracted the audio from a YouTube video and made precise cuts at the timestamps provided by Jennifer. I then crossfaded the remaining parts together on the beat to maintain the song’s flow. The final product was carefully crafted to avoid clipping and was exported to MP3 format.
Key Features: Precision cutting, crossfading, and audio quality control.
Rationale: The dance competition required a specific length, and the all-girl team needed a song without male vocals to maintain the thematic illusion.

4. Implementation

Process: I used my preferred Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to load the MP3, made cuts at the appropriate places, and ripple deleted the empty space. By magnifying the waveform and aligning the transients, I ensured seamless crossfades. A limiter was used to prevent clipping, and the final product was exported and sent to Jennifer.
Challenges: The main challenge was ensuring smooth transitions between the remaining pieces, which was meticulously handled.

5. Results

Outcome: Jennifer received her customized track and was able to proceed with choreography and practice.
Feedback: Jennifer praised the work, exclaiming, “You are a literal genius!”

6. Conclusion

This project was another successful collaboration with Jennifer, showcasing the potential of customized audio editing for dance choreography. The realization that a broader community of choreographers could benefit from this service opens new opportunities for expansion and growth in this niche market.