Case Study

Narration Demo - Matching Existing Spots

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1. Introduction

Client: Courtney Steele

: Courtney wanted to craft a competitive demo to showcase her voiceover narration abilities across various styles. She came to me with some finished client spots that were mixed differently than I would have done, posing creative constraints.

2. Objective

Goal: Create a polished, cohesive voiceover demo that highlights Courtney’s narrative skills in a range of styles.

Expectations: Produce a demo on par with others in the industry that Courtney can use to promote herself to potential agents.

3. Solution

Approach: I built new demo spots from scratch using Reaper as my DAW, licensed music/SFX, and processed the voice recordings. I matched the tone and quality of my newly produced spots to Courtney’s finished spots she provided. Lastly, I sequenced and mastered all spots into a cohesive compilation.

Key Features: I leveraged tools like Izotope’s Ozone and Meld’as dynamic EQ to streamline production and tonal matching between spots.

Rationale: I used proven techniques and tools to efficiently produce a radio-ready, competitive-sounding demo within the creative constraints.

4. Implementation

Process: I worked iteratively on the project, taking regular breaks to maintain objectivity. I also incorporated client feedback on drafts to ensure her goals were met.

: My biggest challenge was acknowledging creative limitations imposed by existing spots not having been mixed by me. However, I found compromises to make everything sound cohesive.

5. Results

Outcome: Courtney was thrilled with the final demo and is now using it to promote herself professionally.

Feedback: Courtney provided positive feedback, saying “I love it – it’s perfect!”

The Result:

6. Conclusion

I successfully created a polished, client-approved voiceover demo by leveraging efficient production techniques and overcoming constraints. Courtney’s positive feedback validated meeting the client’s quality standards. The demo is already being used for its intended purpose of helping Courtney Steele promote her voiceover skills and talents.