Case Study

Customized Audio Editing for Dance Choreography

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1. Introduction

Client: Bella Garza, a distinguished choreographer.

: Bella required a mashup of three specific songs. Without a clear vision of what she wanted, she entrusted me with the creative freedom to determine the best blend. The mashup had to be under 2 and a half minutes.

2. Objective

Goal: To discern which parts of the songs to retain and which to omit, ensuring a seamless blend between them.

"Pretty Girls" - Britney Spears, Iggy Azalea

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"Me and My Girls" - Selena Gomez

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"That's My Girl" - Fifth Harmony

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3. Solution

Approach: I decided to harness the most energetic sections from each song. One of the songs had a significantly slower tempo than the others. To address this, I introduced a deliberate tempo slowdown at the end of the preceding song, creating a seamless yet impactful transition into the slower song. The final song posed a challenge as I had to meticulously cut and merge sections from the concluding chorus to adhere to Bella’s time constraint.

4. Implementation

Process: Utilizing my go-to Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), I imported the MP3s, ensured a consistent perceived volume across tracks, executed the necessary cuts, and pieced the audio segments together. I employed tempo markers for the intricate tempo reduction segment. To wrap up, I used a limiter to both prevent clipping and elevate the final mashup to an industry-standard loudness level.

: The tempo reduction was a novel challenge for me. Although I hadn’t executed such a technique before, I was confident in its potential and took the initiative to learn and apply it.

5. Results

Outcome: Bella provided a single round of minor revision notes. After addressing these, she received her tailored track and embarked on her choreography journey with her students.

The Result:

6. Conclusion

This project underscored the importance of innovation and adaptability in audio editing. By embracing new techniques and challenges, I was able to deliver a product that met Bella’s needs and exceeded her expectations.