About Alex

Alex Mitts is a west-coast voice actor specializing in teen/young adult voices as well as being a solid vocal stand-in for Ryan Reynolds (albeit somehow more handsome).

His featured work includes Marvel Snap as Deadpool, characters in CrisTales, Akashic in Mobile Legends: Adventure, and Igor in Propnight…

…and commercial/narration work you may have seen/heard on Netflix, Looper, DropBox, GoNoodle, and Nickelodeon.

When not busy being the voice of a generation (we’re still fact-checking this), you can find him hanging out with his beautiful wife and basset hound who often, steals the show.

So if you’re in need of a voice that can make your product sound like it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread (or if it is a commercial for sliced bread, that’s good, too), give him a call.

That millennial/GenZ sound works wonders when marketing to youngsters.

And if you need someone to pet-sit your furry friend, well, his basset hound would be happy to oblige.