About Alex

Once upon a time, Alex was an actor in high school. After that, he moved on with his life and left that world behind him. Years later (in 2015), an opportunity arose to take the stage again, so he did. Since his reunion with the stage, he has fallen back in love with acting and has been very active in his local theatre community. It was on the stage that Alex sharpened his skills once again. From there, Alex ventured into the world of voice acting.

Using his love of both audio engineering and emotive acting, Alex will give you the highest performance for your next project. Alex uses professional mics, industry standard digital audio workstations, and sound treated rooms to record his performances. Please listen to the samples below to see if Alex is the best fit for your next project!

Alex's Voice

Described as conversational, millennial, relaxed, and down-to-earth, my voice can easily shift from best friend to nerdy/geek to thoughtful & calming. 
Alex records broadcast / studio quality audio from his home in an isolation booth.
While his voice fits many brands and styles, his niche focuses on products and services that target a millennial audience (e.g. Google, HelloFresh, Prius, BoxLunch, etc.).
His recent work includes national spots for Credit.com, Netflix, multiple characters in the Mobile Legends franchise, and DeVry University.